Lite-On iHES112 3 - info, firmware etc



Hello all, I’ve been away but now I’m back. I just bought a Lite-On iHES112 3 blu ray reader/kitchen sink and I’m just starting to use it to the fullest.

Anyways there isnt much mention of the drive on the lite-on site, or even the rpc1 guys site. I understand it might not be one of the more desirable/popular drives but I’m trying to find out more about it, what it can/cant do etc.

It’s using firmware ML02 and the official liteon tool says version ML05 is available but the only info listed is: “Improve BD quility” - yes quility. Does anyone know anything more about the firmware changes? Should I update to ML05?

It took 45 minutes to do its job on a blu ray disc copying 35GB over. Is that normal? Can it be improved upon? Are there any patched firmwares available?


[B]jdub[/B], could you please make some tests with your drive? It uses absolutely new chipset Sunext SC6330C (not MediaTek like in most of LiteOn drives) and it’s very interesting to know how good is it in DVD and CD writing, and also some BDs (pressed and burned) transfer rate tests would be great.


i too have this drive and i am looking to make it region free (both blur-ray and DVD) so i would be interested in a firmware/software solution to this, also my firmware says its ML04


[QUOTE=blackened2687;2692613][B]jdub[/B], could you please make some tests with your drive? It uses absolutely new chipset Sunext SC6330C (not MediaTek like in most of LiteOn drives) and it’s very interesting to know how good is it in DVD and CD writing, and also some BDs (pressed and burned) transfer rate tests would be great.[/QUOTE]

blackend2687 I’m an old school cdfreaks member, I used to understand and CARE about optical media burn quality, tests and firmwares. For the community that gave so much to me (liggy, dee and all the others) I would be happy to do whatever I can to return the favor.

Please remember I haven’t been in the game for a long time so you’ll need to spell out what tools and methodologies you’d like to see used. Are people still using nero’s tools for optical tests? Specialized software per manufacturer? It was around the time I was reading whitepapers, redbooks and learned that all media reads are subjective that my mind went blank and hard drives got cheap enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have any burned blu ray media on hand or the ability to burn it but what I DO have are as follows:

-Plenty of free time
-A fair sized collection of pressed DVD’s
-1-2 dozen pressed Blu Rays
-A large collection of long ago burned CD’s and DVD’s
-The remnants of a once diverse collection of blank CD’s, CD-RW’s, DVD’s and DVD-RW’s.

The following OTHER drives:
-Sony Optiarc AD-7260S
-Samsung SH-S223
-IDE: Toshiba TS-H292
-IDE: Pioneer DVR-109BK

Sadly I seem to have misplaced or run out of my Tayio Yuden CD’s and DVD’s when I moved :sad:


Well, the original thread for the drive is here:

If you’d like to throw any results in there, that would be great.

[Warning: a lot of stuff about to come your way.]

If you use it to write CD media, the Optiarc AD-7260S and NEC ND-3500A should be able to scan them. (No jitter, but C1 and C2 are reported, which is better than nothing.) If you use it to write DVD media, the Samsung SH-S223_ and Optiarc AD-7260S (combined) should be able to give a decent view of the quality (again, no jitter, only PIE and PIF will be reported). If you want to do transfer-rate tests, the Pioneer should be a good judge of quality–if it can read the discs fine, you should be fine. CD-DVD Speed or OptiDriveControl will work for this.

If, for your disc creation tests with the iHES112, you can use ImgBurn to write your media, being sure to set ImgBurn to save the write graphs, This will allow you to see how the write curve looks, and see if any slowdowns occurred – and, if so, where they occurred.

Feel free to use any combination of media you want. It might be fun to see how write quality is with it and any media you consider to be low-quality.

BD media…
As for doing a transfer-rate test on BD media…uh… I can’t remember the best way to run a transfer-rate test on a pressed BD-ROM with copy protection (i.e. the movies). I think you can start to play the disc back in a given software BD player, then pause/stop it, and run a transfer rate test with CD-DVD Speed or OptiDriveControl like normal. If not, you might be able to use some of the popular Blu-ray backup software to backup a few discs to hard drive (without compression) to just get the raw read speed of the drive, in terms of how long it takes to copy.

You already have one sample point – the disc took 35 minutes. You can compare that to other BD drives to see where it falls. (Usually, the transfer rate tests include a total time from start to completion).

The drive has no known tweaks. As noted in the original thread, there is no way to throw the drive into an RPC1 state, so DVD region protection mechanisms function like they normally do with retail DVD media containing movies. Any region-free needs you may have will rely on purely software solutions, like AnyDVD or the like.

There’s nothing out there to speed it up, or tweak the quality. No patched firmware exists.

I’m not even sure if LiteOn’s usual SmartBurn features (Online HyperTuning, Forced HyperTuning, OverSpeed, SmartBurn) are available for tweaking, due to the different chipset. [Were these features available with this drive, they would only affect DVD writes and nothing else for this drive, since it doesn’t write to BD media].

“Improved BD quality” in the list of changes for the firmware probably means it is more stable at reading some BD media, or more reliable. In any case, it’s probably safe to update from ML02 to ML05, but feel free to run tests on both firmwares; if there is a difference, it would be good to note the difference should others run into the same situation.


32:30 to rip what resulted in a 28.2GB folder
34:50 to rip what resulted in a 32.7GB folder
32:07 to rip what resulted in a 28.1GB folder
34:39 to rip what resulted in a 33.8GB folder
36:00 to rip what resulted in a 34.2GB folder
37:10 to rip what resulted in a 36.6GB folder

Something interesting happened - the batman begins commentary tracks has some gaps in the audio that lead me to believe they were bugs in the scan/disc and not minutes of silence. I’m gonna have to play it back on a standalone to see if its my drive or not.


It was very hard (read: almost impossible) to find the ML05 firmware for the iHES112 v3. I am linking it here for visibility.
Download all the 4 zip files.
Remove the zip extension from the filenames of “” “” and “”.
So that they become “ML05.z01” “ML05.z02” “ML05.z03”.
Finally extract with WinZip.
Start the firmware update.
Hope this is useful to somebody! (24.4 KB) (500 KB) (500 KB) (500 KB)


Thank you, c3e5R. :slight_smile:


hello c3e5R, the links to the ML05 firmware for the iHES112 v is a dead end. Do you still have them?
My computer came with this drive and I when I did a new install it stopped playing BDs. I can’t find any software disk that might have came with the computer. Do you know if this is just a plug and play?


Here is a fresh link as requested: (921.1 KB)
iHES112_3_ML05.exe (1.5 MB)

First link contains the extracted *.bin, the second is the official ML05 flasher.


Thank you very much!