Lite-On iHAS624 Enhancement




I recently bought a Lite-On iHAS624 B GL27.
Currently I am backing up all my old CDs to Flac.
Some of my CDs, the ones made around 2001, have copy protection, which i cannot bypass even with anydvd enabled.
Somehow these CDs make no problems in my 5 year old laptop.
Now I ask myself if there are better drive against copy protection, i read a lot about Plextor.
I also read that there are ways to install firmware from other dvdr drives on Lite-On drives.
I have no experience but i would like to pimp my drive if possible with the possibility to restore the OFW if i am not happy with another firmware. Can you tell me how to do this or if I should do it? WHich firmware the best is for my goals? Some guides for dummies?

thanks a lot