Lite-On iHas424b



Hello, I have the Lite-On Ihas424b lightscribe capable DVD Writer. I bought a pack of lightscribe labels and decided to try my first label. When I run LightScribe Control Panel it says “No Lightscribe Drives Found.” When I designed a label and went to burn the lightscribe label in SureThing Disc Labeler, it says “There are no lightscribe drives on this system.” I don’t know what to do, apparently is defunct and I’m thinking I need newer drivers. I’m using Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. Is it possible that the lightscribe portion of my drive could be broken, yet the rest of the drive still functions? I’d be grateful for any help that can be offered.


Which version of the LightScribe System Software do you have installed?


The version number is


Even though the front-facing LightScribe site was taken down due to HP discontinuing support “due to industry conditions”, the link to the last System Software update is still alive; a link it can be found here: (go to the very last post of that thread).
Try to update & see if that changes anything. Maybe the diagnostics utility (available in that same post) can help.

The target version is


Thanks so much, that fixed the problem, I’m burning my first label now!