Lite-On iHAS324 Y -- "Invalid field in CDB"

Hi all.

I’ve always been able to change the bitsetting of my Vebatim DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM with no problems.

Recently however, I caved and bought Imation DVD+R DLs as the store had sold out on Verbatims.

When using Imgburn to change the booktype, I met with the following error: “Failed! Invalid Field in CDB”

I tried 2 ways:
Change For: Current Media (For DVD+RW Media)
Current Setting: DVD+R DL
New Setting: DVD-ROM

Hitting change would get me the above mentioned error.

Change For: Drive (For DVD+R DL Media)
Current Setting: Unknown (FAILED!) Reason: Invalid Field in CDB
New Setting: Greyed out

My first instinct was to blame the quality of the discs, however I didn’t want to make a wasted trip to the store, let alone make a complaint regarding booktype settings which would be difficult for a typical salesman to understand.

Upon further investigation, I found that if I used the NEC tab of the Book Type, I was able to change for "Drive (For DVD+R DL Media) to New Setting: “DVD-ROM”

I also tried changing the bitsetting with a Lite-On utility called “LiteON Bit Setting Utility v1.3.5”

The “Change Booktype to” option is greyed out with error message “F/W not support!”

What would you suggest is my best course of action?

Is the firmware an issue? Perhaps a custom firmware would fix this?

I am using ATAPI iHAS324 Y BL1W

The drive you are using has a NEC chip-set in it and that is why you can not use
the Liteon Bit Setting Utility. The [B]Y[/B] after the iHAS324 represents it as having the
NEC chip-set instead of the MTK chip-set which would be a iHAS324[U][B] A[/B][/U] drive.

That is why the NEC tab of the Book Type worked because that drive is a NEC / Optiarc
drive on the inside with the NEC chip-set and not a real Liteon drive as it is a clone of
the Optiarc 7240S / 7260S.

If I understand correctly, does that mean using the options in the NEC Tab would work correctly?

Any idea why the verbatims worked under the lite-on tab?

Anyone has an idea? Would appreciate an educated opinion rather than spending my time making more coasters.

Also, the booktype is only set upon commencement of writing correct?

A booktype setting is no counter for good burn or a coaster.

If it has worked with verbs before than it will work with other DL media too.