Lite-On iHAS324 review

I just posted the article Lite-On iHAS324 review.

Lite-On was kind enough to send us the iHAS324 for review.In this review we will be seeing how this drive performs in our tests.

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Thanks for the review Dee.

Saw two things:

The Lite-On iHAS324 uses Z-CLV, (Zoned Constant Linear Velocity), to write at [B]10X[/B]. This gives an average speed of 6.23x and a total writing time of 18 minutes and 55 seconds.

The Lite-On iHAS324 uses Z-CLV, (Zoned Constant Linear Velocity), to write at [B]10X[/B]. This gives an average speed of 6.36x and a total writing time of 18 minutes and 48 seconds.

I believe you meant 8x.

Now let’s head to the special features page where we will check out [B]LightScribe[/B] and SmartErase…

No LightScribe capability.

Thanks for the review, Dee. I’m currently enjoying the 24X “gimmick” burning Taiyo Yuden 16X media at slightly under 4 mins. (16X-R) and slightly over 4 mins. (16X+R) with good results.

Yeah, I personally feel the gimmick comment was uncalled for as well. Especially when you read the Optiarc 24x review by Liggy:

The Optiarc AD-7240S burns DVD+R media with generally good to very good quality and even at 24x burning speed the results were surprisingly good, however only one media type is certified for burning at 24x speed on the AD-7240S. On our tested DVD+RW media, writing quality was good too but there is still some room for improvement on the 6x writing strategies.

Thanks [B]KTL[/B] I fixed the typo’s. although there are still some layout problems with the review caused by our new content management system (which is being attended to by the CDF developers).

Regarding the 24x writing speed.
I didn’t author the Optiarc review, if i had, i would have called the 24x writing speed a gimmick on that drive as well (subjective opinion). as i did with the iHAS422 review with its 22x writing speed.

I’ll also continue to call this feature a gimmick on any further reviews, where a drive burns a single media +R or -R at the highest speed, to simply add a 24x sticker on the box.

I hear what you are saying, Dee. I think the difference with the 22x drive is that the 22x burns were questionable (out of spec), whereas the the 24x burns with this drive, are very good and quite usable.

Dee, just for the record, how many discs does a drive have to burn at the maximum speed to not be a gimmick?

I see your Optiarc AD-7200A review didn’t mention it and it only burns 1 DVD+R and 1 available DVD-R at 20x.

In a way most of the speed claims about burning faster than the rated speed of DVD media can be labeled “gimmicks”. When Plextor claimed 18X burning with the PX-760 series this was certainly for marketing purposes as many (much less expensive) drives created 16X burns that were faster than the 760’s 18X.
My comment about 24X burning on Taiyo Yuden 16X +R and -R was that in this case the “gimmick” is actually a pretty good one. It’s fun to burn a disc in less than 4:00 minutes; for this “cdFreak” anyway.
In any case I like my new burner and I enjoyed your review, Dee. Thanks again for your efforts. If you have the time could you please send me a few more photos? If your avatar is any indication you’re my kind of girl.

I replied in this frontpage discussion as this is not only a Lite-On issue.

It’s only an avatar. :slight_smile:
I have dark hair, not red, and i’m rather flat chested. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dee and her avatar
I’m glad you took my comments in the spirit intended- with tongue firmly in cheek:flower:
I too have dark hair and am flat-chested so we have a lot in common. Well, my hair used to be dark…:stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward reading your review Dee-27. :wink:

But sofar no dice.

Nice review Dee, if you find the time look at the Special features section, and change the SecureErase in the begging into smart erase.

So if I get it correctly, the CD-R/RW writing quality of this burner is inferior to the iHAS422, is that right?

I have an iHAS324. SmartErase rocks!

PS. Firefox’s spellchecker thought I was trying to type “Smartypants” LOL!

Thanks vroom, i fixed the error.

I think both drives are about equal for quality when writing CD-R/RW. They are both able to burn good quality media with excellent writing quality.

The poorer quality media that both drives had some problems with, could probably be fixed with a firmware update. or better still, stick to good quality media. :slight_smile:

If hard drives have 32mb buffers, why are optical drive makers satisfied with 2mb of data stored in memory… maybe this isn’t the reason for higher PIFs/write errors, but there should be a greater use for drives with high capacity buffering. Nobody who has a current burner will be convinced to buy anew unless they can make the write quality at least 10-15% better than previous generation drives.

Thanks for the review

thanks for the review

Thanks for the review. I own this drive and one thing I’ve found is that it doesn’t handle legacy DVD+RW discs too well. I have a large inventory of +RW discs that I use for temporarily “archiving” movie until I watch them. Many of these discs can only be burned at 1x. Unfortunately, this burner does not provide 1x burning and insists on burning these at a higher speed than what they are rated (I’m using Nero This higher speed write strategy renders the disc unreadable, and until I was able to find an older drive that could do a full erase on these discs at 1x, I thought the discs had been destroyed.

So, even though most people are interested in how fast a drive can burn, it is important to look at the other end of the spectrum, especially with RW discs that can be used for years.