Lite-On iHAS324 A

Finally switched from using a pair of IDE drives to a pair of nice new SATA optical drives.

The SATA DVD reader that I installed works fine. The Writer has power and is detected by windows but cannot read any disc that is inserted.

The Writer is a Lite-On iHAS324 A. Windows has decided to label it a DVD RAM drive despite it being a DVD writer, the utilities on the disc have done nothing to help.

The problem isn’t with the SATA ports as I’ve tried it in a couple of different configurations.

I’m running Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Should I just give it up as a faulty drive and return it or is it likely to be a software problem somewhere?

Well, the label as a DVD-RAM drive is in theory normal, since it can also read and write DVD-RAM discs.

What is the DVD reader you have?

Can you boot using your Windows XP CD from the iHAS324?

The DVD reader is an LG DH16NS10.AUAA10B installed new at the same time as the Lite-On writer drive.

No luck getting it to boot from the Windows CD. Just to make sure that it wasn’t a computer issue I flipped the boot order so it booted from the reader drive, and that worked fine. But it just skipped right past the Lite-On when it was set to boot from that.

I assume from that, that I can infer that it is not a software issue, and given my other testing I can assume that it’s an issue with the laser and thus a faulty unit.

Probably best to save some time and exchange for a different unit. :iagree:


Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.