Lite-On iHAS124E Looking to force the most recent factory firmware

I have an oldschool firmware on the drive with all of the addons from the old apps in the day, but i’m just trying to bring it back to the newest factory as it seems to need a reset. None of the updates are even detecting the drive. Some help would definitely be appreciated, as i’ve tried this on multiple systems in an attempt to access it in that way. W7 to W10, none of them can detect the drive.

I have an iHAS124 E with firmware 4L0A from 2014 and SmartPack finds no updates. But if your drive is not detected by either Windows or the bios on multiple systems, then I don’t think a firmware update would help anyway.

I have 4L0A but i modded it in the day with a few settings, it’s bios detected, still burns, yada, but nothing within windows as far as firmware utils detects it. Simply wanted to take it back to stock 4L0A with bitsetting. May just have to leave it the way it is though.

What were the settings that you modded the firmware with?

well, the one i’d like to get rid of is forced hyper tuning and online hyper tuning, basically just let the drive burn as factory outside of bitsetting.

ltn_rpc from back in the day sees it, but settings utility and eeprom utility are both a no go on this drive nowadays. work fine on my old 20A4P on a secondary system. heh, that system still has a NEC 2500a and a plextor premium as well.

Settings and eeprom utilities work fine with my iHAS124 E. Did you try SMART-BURN utility from Liteon?

yeah, won’t even open. just hangs.

Is the drive detected by the flash utility?

Not the old lite-on flash util, nope. 3.0.2

may set it as the only legacy ide SATA on a channel in the secondary system and see what happens. the burns really aren’t all that bad but i’d bet they can be much better just letting the drive do its thing with bitsetting.

I may could force it on the old dos version if i had the files…trying to remember the group that used to put up firmwares for all drives…i know my NEC has the newest from them, and same with my 20a4p, but this ihas124E is all over the place. if i recall i made a post on cdfreaks helping a forum user needing an eeprom to fix his drive, and it fixed it. but that may have been the 20a4p. been a long time.

Actually I was asking about the flash utility in the link below.

I think if it is an eeprom issue you need a backup from your drive and the utility to restore it, but you wrote that the utility does not detect the drive.

yeah, it doesn’t anymore. i did upload my eeprom back in the day to here for another user that had a bricked drive though. whether the file is still around, i don’t know.

Since the eeprom utility is not detecting the drive, I don’t see how the eeprom backup would help anyway.