Lite-On iHAS124 Y Firmware issue

I own a Lite-on iHAS124 Y and i tried to update the firmware from BL0W to BL0X and encountered a problem. It is now stuck flashing the activity light in the front and won’t respond/recognize on windows. I need to flash it using mtkflash from what i have read on this forum, however, i do not have the .bin for this firmware. Is there anyone that can help me find this? All i have is the scrambled .exe update utility. Sorry i did not make a backup before i started.

i too am having this exact problem and wouldn’t mind a solution as well.

The Lite-On “Y” model drives have NEC chipsets and do not work with MTKflash (it only works with MediaTek chipset Lite-Ons).

How exactly were you attempting to flash the drive? With SmartPack?

Boot Windows into safe mode and try again.