Lite-ON iHAS124-14 vs iHAS124-04


I was reviewing the forums trying to determine a new burner to buy and I came across this thread:

KTL’s Database: Chipset, Features, and Clones for Lite-On DVD-RW Drives
I was originally looking at the Asus DRW-24B1ST drive on Newegg because of the 5000+ reviews, but I could not determine which lite-on drive it was–if it was one at all, so I started looking for some lite-on drives on Amazon.

here are two iHAS drives:

the “-14” drive appears to be newer, but I cannot find any current info on the chipset/capabilities of either drive since they do not state if they are the iHAS124 A/B/C/D models.

Does anyone have an recommendations or feedback on these drives?

Lite-ON iHAS124-14 -model [B]E[/B] --MediaTek MT1882N chipset

Lite-ON iHAS124-04–model [B]W[/B]–Resenas R8J32091NP chipset


thanks for confirming the info on these drives, I’m not really liking many of the scans, would like to find higher quality ones.