Lite-On iHAS124-14 FU quality scanning

I just received a new iHAS124-14 FU. I installed it last night. When I tried to do a quality scan of an existing CD with Opti Drive Control, it wouldn’t work indicating it was not supported. Does the iHAS124-14 FU support quality scanning? Is there something I am doing wrong or a work around? Thanks!

Yep, it supports quality scanning

But dependend on used Operating System, Chipset of mainboards or chipset-drivers you can have problems with some programs

You should try different versions of Nero CDSpeed

OK. Thanks! I can try Nero CDSpeed. Are there known issues with the iHAS114-14 FU with Opti Drive Control? ODC is the program that I have always used for quality scanning. No issues with a iHBS112 and a iHBS212 drive for quality scanning with ODC on my desktop machine.

I use ODC only with my iHBS 112 and BD-R(E), can´t say atm anything about the 124F and ODC.

Since Win8.1 I have the problem that some Operating Systems, Chipsets of mainboards or chipset-drivers can cause problems like no drives or not all connected drives are visible.

With 8.1 and Z97-chipset I can only do one scan with ODC and my iHBS 112, after this ODC says the drive is not supported. I lose and re-open IDC it works again, for one scan

Tried ODC in Win7 on an old P67-mainboard an had no problem to scan with a 124F