LITE-ON iHAS124-04 IDE/SATA Issues

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD±R RW. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

I got a LITE-ON iHAS124-04 from Newegg the other day and ran into a few problems. Firstly, I wanted to install it into a Dell Dimension 4700 and the power supply has Molex. I had an adapter from Molex to 15-pin SATA, so I am good there, but I didn’t have an extra SATA power cable (the 4700 does have an extra slot for a SATA power cable though on the board, intended for a second hard drive).

With only the 15 pin SATA from Molex, I put everything together and the drive bay actually opens and closes, but the drive shows up as “Removale Disk” in My Computer. The recorder was bulk, which means no cords or CD or anything came with it, and the original comes with some sort of Nero program. Will I need that CD or can I find a driver for the iHAS124 online? Or do I need to get a SATA power cable for the system to recognize the new drive completely since it isn’t connected to an IDE cable?

I can’t find any firmware for the 124 yet, only 120 at best. Also, when I start up computer it says it can’t find Drive 02, which makes sense since I replaced the first of two (Drive D) 5.25" bays with this new drive (replaced standard 16x DVD with the new burner drive), but if I had the SATA power cable connected to the drive would that fix the error or will I need to tell BIOS that drive D no longer exists?

Thanks–I hope some of this makes sense!


Don’t mean to bump this else to say it’s solved, I just asked a friend of mine haha. Feel free to delete, mods.