Lite on ihas 124-14 f

hello i need help on something regarding pc internal dvd recorders. lets start my say what recorders i have

a working lite on ihas 124 b on alos fw (latest)
a working lite on ihas 124 f on cln9 fw 24/8/2017 i know there are newers fw but cant find them
a laser dead px-880sa on 1.13 fw (latest)
i was very happy with plextor drive much more compared to ihas 124b better burns in quality i always write with plextor and do quality checks with ihas 124 b. now that plextor is dead (no cleaning or pot calibation can revive it) its job has been taken from my newly buy the ihas 124 f but like the ihas 124 b im not happy with the results. media tryed so far verbatim dvd+r mcc 004 and verbatim dvd-r mcc 03rg20 the burns between the 2 ihas drives is nearly indetical but nower near the ones made by plextor. so is ther a way official or unofficial that can fix it? ive already practice crossflasing on the dead plextor drive i can read and write flash same with eeprom with the lite on utilities also i have a vt6421a pci card for dosflash. i see on the ihas 124 f the lite on utilities are useless, somehow expected they are outdated but dosflash read successfull the drive despite the fact that is way older. so a fw in bin format made from dosflash from a hardware identical such as px-891saf could help. worst case senario if nobody can make a dump for me. what about try to put the ihas 124 f lens to my laser dead plextor if the ribbon cable pins are the same, but i have a feeling that the difference from px-880sa to px-891saf regarding leser is that are simply newer revisions with same voltage-pin out. but what you guys say?

If you want better burning quality you could try an LG drive, but from recent experience I expect that it would be less reliable than a LiteOn.

if i cant find a px-891saf fw in bin format to crossflash. i will propably buy a new px-891saf