Lite-ON IHAS 124-14 F .bin file?


I really need your help. I CAN’t asbolutely find online the .bin file of this drive, in particular i need the cl08 (or cl09, it’s the same) .bin file, because there isn’t an online link about that.
I found the .exe files of firmwares cl09 and cl99, but both are impossible to extract in .bin file (because are too recent for XFS and other programs).

Can someone upload and send to me cl08 or cl09 firmware for this drive?


Welcome, think you will have better luck at
All the links from good old codeguys are broken at this forum…
I’m not happy abouth that, but firmwarehq.cxm also has the file you are searching in…exe and it’s rather simply to extract the bin if you use google. Do you wanna burn games with your IHAS, then I would recommend ixtreme.n*t.
Good luck

You can download the bin for CL08 here.