Lite-On iHAP422 or Pioneer DVR-116DBK?

I’m looking for a new IDE dvd burner. I’ve narrowed the field down to the Pioneer DVR-116DBK or the Lite-On iHAP422-08. There is a third burner that caught my interest…Lite-On 20A4P I think it was called. I’m looking at the third mostly because so many have used it and it appears to be a reliable burner from the opinions I saw on newegg. The 116DBk and iHAP422 are more recent releases but lack the reviews, eventhough, the user reviews they do have are favorable at newegg. So, out of the burners listed above, which would you choose…please keep in mind I burn with Verbatim DVD-R and Memorex CD-R almost exclusively. Thanks for the opinions/recommendations!!!

I’d go with the known quantity, the 20A4P. Both of the newer burners have been found to have some issues, and it will take a few firmware updates before they can be recommended without reservation. The 20A4P has mature firmware and plenty of end-user experiences, and it’s been found to be a good, solid drive.

Thanks for responding! I narrowed it down to the 116DBK and the 20A4P. I’ve been able to find a lot of reviews for the 116DBK now. They all appear to be very positive. I’m currently favoring taking a gamble on the 116DBK since I think it’s going to develope into a very dependable drive. At this point, I think I’m just splitting hairs between the two and will probably order the one that has free shipping. I keep telling myself that both these drives have got to be much better than my Philips 8631 that has started malfunctioning. So, I guess I can’t lose with either one.

[QUOTE=Hercules1;2202618]I keep telling myself that both these drives have got to be much better than my Philips 8631 that has started malfunctioning.[/QUOTE]

Before you throw the DVD8631 away, take a look in the BenQ forum and look into the possibility of cross-flashing the drive into a BenQ DW1620. It may not help, but at this point, what do you have to lose.

neritude, thanks for the advice, but, the 8631 is officially dead as of today. It started to fail at burning cd’s today. My friend mentioned the problems I was having with it to his neighbor. It turns out he does computer repairs for the government. He brought his neighbor over tonight to look at it. Honestly, I don’t even know how to describe what he was doing to the drive to test it’s components. All I know is his words were, “It’s done. The laser won’t focus and when I tried the cd, the laser won’t work, period.” He also mentioned about the cross-flash to Benq when they got here, but, by the time he was done, he had the drive out and opened up testing it’s components.