Lite-On iHAP422 does not recognize DVDR+DL Media

Hi !

I bought recently Lite-On iHAP422 Burner and some Verbatim Lightscribe DVDR+ DL Media.Lightscribe feature works incredibly good but when it comes to burning those Verbatims on Lite-On device… that’s all I can say :Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z It simply does not work ! Discs are not even recognized by the burner :eek: where my 2 + - yrs old crossflashed Pioneer 112L with Buffalo 8.25 firmware eats them like cookies without even slight issue ! Question is can I do something about it or am I stuck with juggling media between burners ? i was thinking about MCSE and adding them to custom firmware, but not sure if this is possible or even if it would be a good idea ?

Verbatim 8.5GB 8X DVD+R DL LightScribe 10 Packs Spindle Box Disc - OEM