Lite-On IDE Drives



What is the best IDE Lite-On DVD/RW? It has to be from Newegg. Read/Write all formats, Blue ray is not needed. It also has to have good firmware support.




The 24x Mediatek chipset drives seem to be good allrounders (in my experience anyway) You need to be looking at either of the following.
iHAP124 = baseline model
iHAP424 = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase
iHAP624 = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase

c0dekings firmware makes these drives sing!


NONE of those r at Newegg!


[QUOTE=devolic;2510430]NONE of those r at Newegg![/QUOTE]

I don’t know about these drives but your asking something that is going out of date connector wise. IDE is going away and Sata is taking its place. But my guess they are of mediatek chipset making them liteon units.

Here are couple of Liteon but I don’t know for sure if they are Mediatek chipset.


There are NO 24x IDE drives made by any manufacturer. All 24x have been SATA. Although LO originally announced an iHAP424, but that has not been seen at all.

“Best” is a relative term, but they will all perform/function the same, just boils down to features. If you aren’t afraid of crossflashing / voiding the warranty, here are some rebadges.

Plextor PX-870A OEM
Plextor PX-870A Retail


Forgot this one: iHAP322-98, this one should have the revised MediaTek chipset (‘9’-series) that was built better for 22x burning.


So what’s so good about the MediaTek chipset?


We’ve given you some suggestions about the particular restrictions you’re confined to, so now why don’t you do some research about MediaTek chipset and get back to us?


[QUOTE=devolic;2510793]So what’s so good about the MediaTek chipset?[/QUOTE]

they are good for scanning and that is what I use my iHAS 124 for… but I don’t think I would use it to burn anything though, as all the burns I’ve done on it have been inferior to my NEC burns.

But all the IDE liteons at newegg are 22x drives and if I’m not mistaken they are all MTK chipsets and I also think they are all pretty much the same drive, just differences in features. If you’re set on a liteon get the one that has the features you want.

If you’re asking which drive we would get if we wanted quality burns, my answer would be none of them, I would probably get the Optiarc AD-7240A or AD-7241A


I have used Lite-On drives along with KProbe all my life. I always use good media Taiyo Yuden (DVD-5) and Verbatim made in Singapore for (DVD-9). I don’t know much about the different chips and I have an old computer. I will research them better. If NEC is better I will put a SATA card in my computer. What SATA drives are good at newegg and what program should I use to check the quality with? Like I said KProbe is the only program I know.


If you really need an ide drive you could look for a Optiarc 7200A but I have not seen them around for a while anywhere. They burn extremely well but I do not use mine for scanning.


Lite-on iHAS 324 also use Mediatek and NEC Chipset. Does burn with NEC chipset driver is better than Mediatek ?


Maybe, but in that case you might wish to get a true Optiarc for better f/w support.