Lite-on HD-A740gx

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On 160GB HDD+DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have read many of ur threads and have found them very useful, i do have but one question, in a post i read u could format a bigger hd on ur pc to fit to the player however can a windows based pc read the dvd files already on the dvd hardrive via a cradle etc to use my pc to burn the disk as this would be the easiest and cheapest option by far as i can borrow the cradle of a mate whack in th HD and use something like nero etc to burn the dvd many thanks in advance


come on people someone must know if this is possible please a little insight from anyone

many thanks

You can add a bigger hard drive if you search the forums the instructions are their and yes you can remove the hard drive and put it in the PC but the files are name differently but should be DVD compatible when renamed.

cheers quakester i will give it a try and post back how successful it was i have read most of the forums on this drive and may look when cash is more available at replacing the dvd drive as well, but liteon really shoud have sorted these problems out before sticking us with lemons, would it have hurt to make a decent replacement drive that actually works for longer than 5 minutes that fit without hacking the case apart, all i have to say is hang ur head in shame liteoen