Lite-on HD 740 GX not receiving Freeview from TV



My name is Alistair and I am a 50 year technophobe from the Uk who is totally new to dvd recording and such like.
As a starter machine I have purchased a Lite-on hd740gx and so far the machine is ok the price was the driving factor behind the purchase.
HOWEVER and there is always a however I have connected this to my Sony TV with its incorporated Freeview, and the Tv tuner will not pick up the freeview channels, it reads the terrestial channels fine but I cannot find Freeview channels at any cost, so help with that please and I would also like to know if someone can tell me if I can record onto the HDD direct from a VHS recorder.
My setup is as follows
tv= Sony inc Freeview ( no seperate set top box)(1 SCART in 1SCART out)
VHS recorder =Hitachi (1 SCART in 1 SCART out)
DVD recorder =Lite-on HD 740 gx (1 SCART in 1 SCART out)

I hope that help is out there as I am v pleased with the machine it would be nice to utilise it with the rest of my components.

Thanks in anticipation



If the SCART between TV and DVD recorder is fully wired, and the TV socket is bidirectional, then you may be able to get the Freeview reception from the TV by selecting the AV IN SCART as input on the recorder.

The tuner of the LiteOn recorder will be of course only able to recieve the 5 UK terrestrial TV channels, so the AV IN SCART is the only way of getting Freeview from another properly equipped reception device.


Thanks for the advice. Iwill certainly give that a try,
ill let you know the result
Thanks again