Lite-On firmware upgrade OK for Pacific Digital?


I’ve just bought a Pacific Digital drive that is a rebadged Lite-On 851S.

Can anyone tell me whether I can just upgrade the firmware using a downloaded file from Lite-On’s site? I’ve heard that rebadged drives don’t always like the OEM’s f/w updates.

Thanks for any help!


Use the LiteOn firmware, you’ll be fine. I have PD NEC 2500 here and it took the Hacked 106 just fine, it even has the NEC sticker on it and ID’s as a 2500 in the bios.
I believe they even give different firmwares and things on their site depending on your serial as they know they rebox many diferent drives.

If it’s recognized as a LDW-851S, then you can use firmware from

If it has an OEM firmware version which doesn’t match the GS0* naming scheme, then you will need to patch the updater with FlashFix or else it will refuse to flash.

Thanks for your help, guys–I appreciate it!


So the firmware is the same? The only variable is whether the flash utility will refuse to flash the drive or not (in which case I use FlashFix, like you said)?

I guess that makes sense, as the hardware is the hardware…

Has anyone gotten a PD LiteOn that didn’t follow the naming conv.?

Thanks again!


The one they showed me said LiteOn 851 on the sticker so that usually means it is a real one, no renaming. MyNEC was the same. If it takes the firmwae without saying no drive found or other similar error you should be OK. Otherwise use flash fix.