Lite-On Firmware Upgrade ... I'm an IDIOT!

Hey guys,

Here’s what’s happened. I heard from a friend that I could do a firmware upgrade for the Lite-On 40125s that would enable it to burn at 48x rather than the 40x the original firmware allowed. I accidentally installed the firmware package R40ZS0P and then realized that I needed to install the R40ZS0J firmware instead to get the 48x burn.

I now have the ability to read scratched discs (whoopie do) … but the whole time I just wanted to burn at 48x. When I try to install the R40ZS0J firmware, I get a message stating that the R40ZS0P is already the most current firmware and I cannot install the R40ZS0J firmware.

My question is: Am I able to revert back to the R40ZS0J firmware or am I pretty much screwed? Perhaps if I installed it from DOS, I would be able to downgrade the firmware … I’m not too sure. If you can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated!


go here and look through the posts

ZS0* are not 48x12x48 firmwares. You need to flash with VS0B for the LTR-48125W or 1S05 for the LTR-48125S. Download the Windows flasher for these firmwares from and then patch these flashers with FlashFix: