Lite-ON Enclosures

So, who here owns a Lite-ON Case? I am tempted, but they’re kind of ugly :smiley:

You are right, they are ugly as hell. the new FS020 is half decent but it’s way too cramped and that crossbar is a dumb idea. i just pick up the Chieftec AX-01 BLD Server Chassis. Nice little box that will do for now but I’ll probable upgrade the power suppy soon. I’m not too thrilled with the voltage rails.

I’ve seen that crossbar in other cases, and there it was just for increased stbility during transport, when you install the case you can take it out. I think…
And yeah, they are ugly. :slight_smile:

Liteon Are sure branching out but still they sure need to improve their case designs. Liteon also make external power supplys for laptops only problem is they get really hot not sure if all Laptop Power supplys are like this though.