Lite-On DX-20A4PU EZ-DUB wont recocnize DVD-R in iMac4,1 Mac OS 10.4



[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Lite-On DX-20A4PU EZ-DUB. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]When using a DVD-R on my Lite-On DX-20A4PU EZ-DUB, Toast 9 Titanium just froze, if I turn the recorder off, Toast runs again. I allready try PatchBurn4.0.5

  1. What version of OS X?

  2. What specific version of Toast (9.x.x)?

  3. What version firmware does your external burner have?

  4. What brand of media are you using?


Mac OS 10.4.11
Toast 9.0.1
Firmware 9P59
Verbatim DVD-R 4,7GB, 16x speed
I fotgot to mention that the external burner used to burn DVD´s just fine, and that when it comes to burn CD, read CD and read DVD it works fine, the problem is with blank DVD´s


Toast is currently at version 9.0.4. You need to update: