Lite-On DVDWriter SOHW-1693S Producing Coasters 25% Of The Time

Hey fellas. I’m having a problem burning in the last week or so. I’m producing coasters maybe 25% of the time now. For the last 4 years I have not produced a single coaster that wasn’t my fault…

I’m burning alot of different stuff with the same success rate which leads me to believe its my pc config. I have a 16X Pioneer DVD writer in there now, (I did try switching to my old single layer DVD writer with the same results). I’m getting kinda mixed error msgs and I’ve even tried three diff burning suites (Nero, DVD Decrypter, and CloneCD), again with about the same success rate of 25% failed…

I have noticed something new since the problem began… it seems to take a few seconds/minutes longer to even start the burn. It sometimes takes up to a minute to get to even 1% then it goes on which seems normal speed or it just fails. I also tried increasing my buffer size with no success.

I’ve tried turning down the speed to all options incase of a buffer underrun (even though both drives have buffer underrun protection). Again, didn’t fix it.

My IDE config looks something like this.

Primary: 1) c: drive (os drive) 2) DVD writer
Secondary 1) d: media driver. i burn alot off this drive. 2) e: another media drive, i also burn alot off this.

I dont burn much off c: drive but burn ALOT off the other 2 drives.

Anyone that can shed some insight into this would greatly be appreciated. Maybe I’m missing something. Heres one of errors I get with DVD Decrypter. Also I almost forgot, the media I’m using used to work fine in the drives. I’ve been using the same media forrrever.

I’ve also erased a whole HDD figuring maybe it was fragged to hell.

(The picture was taken before I upgraded firmware FYI, its now updated)

perhaps the media you’ve been using for the last 4 years has gone downhill…
what is the media you’ve been using?

It’s from the same spindle i bought in bulk. I have Imations and Verbatims. both giving me same problem. I don’t believe this is a media issue. Any suggestions are welcome though!

I’ll add these, maybe it’ll help.

I had the same problem with my 1st SOHW-1693s after nearly 9 months of heavy usage. I ended up RMAing it and got a 160P6S as a replacement drive from the Egg. The new drive worked great again.

yeah I agree. looks like a busted drive. even if it isn’t, you’ll probably get less headache replacing it then trying to figure out why it’s starting to go downhill.

The drive is not bad, I tested another drive with same results, same problem. I hooked the drives in another PC with no problem.

I need this fixed pretty quick so I’ll send someone $10 whoever gives me the solution first. Post it here and the first person who fixes it gets the money. Thanks guys!

Did you already format?
Did you try enabling DMA?
Some emulation drivers, or copy protection drivers (SecuROM, StarForce) can cause drive problems too!

Actually the waiting time makes me think it’s a power calibration issue, which does mean drive problems… does it have HT/OHT? Did it learn something wrong?

DMA is enabled. I do have DAEMON Tools installed. Could that be the problem? The burning suites never touch this emulation drive (or am I wrong?)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what HT/OHT means. Did it learn something wrong? Didn’t know my drive was a robot… only thing I did was upped the firmware which I did after the problem started.

Could my power supply be the problem? Everything else is fine though, the HDDs, all three. I used to have 4 HDDs and 1 DVD drive hooked up with no power issues…

I don’t have a powerful vid card going. Just a Radeon 9200 series. Hardly powerful.

I didn’t format my c: drive yet, I’d rather not if I don’t have too… I will format if it means a working drive again though…