Lite-on dvdrw SWH-160P6S won't see blank media



My lite-on dvdrw shw-160p6s drive just stopped seeing blank media, well it sees it but says there is no space on it. I can put in other disks that i have burned and it sees it no problems. But any blank disk i put in it shows it as 0 free space. I just flashed to the latest firmware from Lite-on’s site still no help. Any ideas?


so i take it no one has any ideas on this.


Which software do you use for burning?

You can’t burn DVDs with Windows Explorer.


That is normal. You really cant read a blank disk. If there is no data on it will show up as empty or 0 free space. Are you using windows explorer to read the disk?


I am using nero and it says the disk is full. i have tried several differnt disk with the same result.