Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1693S USB Device Won't Read DVDR's

If someone could help here, it would be greatly apreciated.

My external DVD Drive was working fine and now all the sudden it will not read any Blank DVDR discs. If I insert something that I have already written onto another DVD disc, it reads that fine. But the second I put in a Blank DVDR, the DVD Drive switches to a CDROM Drive. I know this may sound strange, but that’s really what happens. I can open up “My PC”, put a blank DVDR disc in the DVDRW drive and in seconds i watch it go from a DVDRW drive to a CDROM drive.

I’ve been using SONY DVDR Discs right along and haven’t changed that, so it can’t be different media.

I have one CDROM Drive and a CDRW Drive as well. But nothing seems affected there.

I have one External HDD. 120 gb Maxtor

No other drives installed on this pc.

I have always used Nero to burn my DVD’s, both Movies and back up data files.

Any ideas what might be wrong? And what I can do to fix the problem.

the exact same thing happened to me, like the exact same thing.
did you end up finding out what happened and how to fix?