Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1673S Gone Very Slow

Hi there,

Just hoping some might have some helpful tips on the current issue i’m having.

I have a Lite-On DVDRW drive SOHW-1673S - it has latest(i think) firmware JS0D. It has been running fine.

However now it is running very slow for burning discs. I ran the Nero speed test and is only running 1x when normally i burn at at least 12x.

The only thing that i think has stuffed something up is that i installed “Exact Audio Copy” to archive some CD’s. I wasn’t paying carefull attention through the setup process and said something like updating DVD drive - and the drive “clicked” like it does when updating firmware.

I’ve tried re-updating the original firmware. but still not working.

Does anyone have any ideas on what has happened, how i can find out and how to fix!.

Many Thanks,

first thing that comes to mind is check the DMA status in device manager… cause if it’s in DMA Mode all should be good. if it’s in PIO Mode that will kill burning speeds etc.

p.s. i have that exact same drive myself and im quite happy with it :wink:

and also, i would not burn faster than 8x (i use 8x for my only burning speed with 8x certified discs or even 16x cerified disc i burn @ 8x) with that drive if you want quality burns although i never tested out 12x… but im quite sure 16x on that drive blows for burning quality :wink: