Lite-on dvdrw sohw 1653s (csot) and Sky dvd+r problems



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On SOHW-1653S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all.
This is doing my head in now!!

I’ve got some sky dvd+r discs for burning in my lite-on dvdrw sohw 1653s csot. As I understand it this burner is capable of burning + or - dvd media.

However for some time now I have found I am completely unable to burn with dvd+r discs. In fact my drive appears as dvd-rw drive(E:) but when I insert +R dvd media it changes to being cd-r drive (E:).

As I recall when I first got the pc I never had the problem but over time the drive has only been able to burn -R dvd media and cd-r.

The current dvd+R’s i’m using are made by Sky media manufacturing. I dont know if these are any good though. As for dvd-R’s I can literally use any brand even the cheap and nasty bulk packs which cost next to nothing, without hardly any errors or disc rejection.

I wonder if its a brand thing or simply the burner is a dog!!

Any help would reaaly be appreciated.

thanks in advance!


if they worked before … could be burner possibly going bad.

although i never heard of Sky and from the sound of it… you usually burn on low quality discs.

i would recommend buying some good discs (i.e. Verbatim either -R or +R… +R recommended) and try again :slight_smile:

also on a side note… try burning your dvd’s with ImgBurn ( and see if that works… also good idea to burn at no more than 8x with that drive… 8x in general is a safe bet on 8x or higher certified media with that drive if it’s anything like mine is :wink:

p.s. i have a Lite-On 1673S myself.


Yep, use a dedicated burning application like ImgBurn [as suggested above]. Windows XP [which is the typical OS to exhibit the behavior you describe] doesn’t truly support burning DVDs on its own, only CDs.

And I’d second the suggestion to use Verbatim, if possible, when you’re doing mission-critical backups in the future. The Sky media should be OK for day-to-day use, though. :slight_smile: