Lite-on dvdrw sohw-1633s

hello people
right my problem is i cannot burn a dvd but i can a cd when i come to burn a dvd it says illegal disc I am using nero v but it will read dvd’s and play them but not burn i have flashed it to the new firmware but still no joy
and when i put a dvd in the drive it slows my comp right down to a standstill can anybody shed some light on this matter

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What media do you use? Maybe some low quality media are not recognized giving you this error.

I use philips and Traxdata and Datawrite all have the same problem the dvd burner used these before with no probs and it has just started but it will read the discs and tell me what they are but wont burn them

and im pleased to be here thanks for a warm welcome

There is a probability that this problems is due to a damaged laser.

Usually when CD works fine and DVD not work is time to RMA.

Try another media to see if it solve the problem. Try a verbatim disc (avoid to buy pearl white discs because are bad media): quality is better and maybe this can solve the problem.

Agree with geno888. I have a 1633s - using the old firmware, BSOS…I find this fw still works well for me. Anyway, it sounds like your 1633s is dead in the water. You could try a quality media like verbatim, but I think you’re looking at a new burner.

right peeps i have found the problem the lazer is touching the disc while it is trying to read it thats why it keeps stopping
is there anyway i can ajust it from the disc so the lazer dont move up so high any info would help a great bit

If laser touch the disc, in my opinion the drive is definitely damaged.

I suggest you to RMA

I dont know whats happend but my drive has started to work again with no probs could the drive gone out of seq but this has left me scratching my head as i bought a new drive and installed it left my old drive in comp with a dvd disc in and started comp up and it works ok with both drives