Lite On DVDRW SOHW-1633S Trouble, Possibly Daemon Tools Related

Hey guys, new to the forum here. Having some trouble with this DVD burner.

Where to Start…

It is my slave drive installed in January. Worked fine with Sony 1x-16x DVDs from installation until around May, before I installed Daemon tools. Its still identified properly in BIOS and Nero Info Tool.

With no DVD-R in the drive it reads as a DVDRW drive, then with the DVD in it chanes to a CD drive, yet still identifies the disc as a DVD-R. I cannot Burn anything to the DVD, no data, video, anything.

Here’s what I’ve tried.

I’ve uninstalled Daemon Tools, my only virtual drive program.

I have removed all Starforce related files from the system, including reg keys, and drivers, even though the drivers continue to appear in device manager.

I have tried unistalling the drive and IDE controller from the device manager.

Updating to various firmware versions.

I’ve heard a few people have solved this by deleting a “stpd.sys” file that I cant seem to find. I assume this file is related to daemon tools in some way but I’m not sure. I’ve read many posts about people having trouble with burning after installing Daemon Tools, so I have a feeling its related. I Burned about 8 DVD-Rs in late May, and didnt need the burner through most of the summer, but the time has come for it to go to work again, and nothing.

Tommorow I will take the drive to a friends house and try it on that PC. I’ll report back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Any LUck?

My 1633s stopped working after a reinstall of windows. Same Symptoms. It wont see dvds blank new etc.


With no DVD-R in the drive it reads as a DVDRW drive, then with the DVD in it chanes to a CD drive, yet still identifies the disc as a DVD-R. <-- This is normal. It’s a Windows bug. :slight_smile:

Hey! I Have 1 nec-6650a installed on my laptop, and that is exactly like that happening to me!
I have this backup dvd wich I used before installing Daemon (ACTUALLY i used that dvd cause the Daemon Tools setup in it!) . After installing daemon I had to use that dvd again and my dvd recorder drive recons the dvd as dvd-r but displays as “CD drive”

Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem!? I hope its not hardware related…
Thank you!

[EDIT] I forgot to say that no data shows up on the dvd, it shows as 0 free space, 0 used space, raw format

new to this forum and hope for some good advice.
Have a LiteOn DVDRW SOHW-1633S.
It just stopped identifying blank DVD -R media, pre-recorded DVD and DVD previously recorded on this unit.

It will see some CDROM disks.

All I think happened is a 16x -R blank was inserted, since then the above has happened.

I have tried flashing to the latest revision firmware from LiteOn but no change.

Has been working very well for about a year.

Appreciate your advice.