LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-16H5S and permanent bitsetting

Hi I got LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-16H5S and upgraded it the latest stock firmware (LS0W). After reboot the writer seems to forget the bitsetting.

I read the some drives behave like that and that you could edit an unecrypted firmware with the EEPROM Utility to fix that, but there seems to be no noncrypted firmware available. Another thing is, that the liteon utility doesnt seem to set the bitsetting proper only dvdinfo seems to work proper, but after a reboot all settings go back to normal :Z . So is there some bittsetting enabled firmware around or a tool how to decrypt the firmware from my drive to patch it ? thx

I’m interested in that too. I have Sony DW D22A with BYS6 firmware, and same problem as god_of_punk with his drive, can’t set booktype permanently. Is there any way this can be done with LiteON drives, or it has to be set every time before burning?

what are you using to bitset? the liteon booktype utility is permanent for every liteon drive I’ve tried it on.

I used the booktype utility from liteon, which doesnt seem to have any effect at all and dvdinfopro which works as long you dont reboot. After reboot the old setting DVD+R is restored.

with the liteon booktype utility, stick in an empty media of the type you want to bitset, click the remember box, choose dvd-rom from the drop down, and press change. it won’t show the change. burn a dvd +[r,rw,r-dl]and see if it changes it. cd-dvd speed can also change booktype but I’m not sure if it’s permanent. imgburn allows you to change the booktype in eeprom which is also permanent (what the booktype utility should be able to do).

I don’t think the CD-DVD Speed booktype setting is permanent, at least for my 160P6S. The default choice was grayed out. But changing to DVD-ROM there did cause the booktype choice to show up in Nero, so I was able to set that. In my experience, that’s permanent for Nero-burned R+s until it’s changed.

I have a (SHW-16H6S) “6S” not 5S and I tried dvdinfopro to change booktype and had the problem of it changing back to +R after rebooting.
Then I used imgburn and in the booktype settings dvd-rom saved +R to eeprom and it works. :bow:

I used Imgburn the same way on my 6s drives alittle while ago.

First, bitsetting is permanent with the Liteon tool.

Second, most second party software that bitsets and reports the status of bitsetting does not work for Liteon drives. This problem goes back to the 8XX series at least and maybe further. If you burn + media after bitsetting and then check the status of the burn, you should find that the bitsetting has taken place and the disc reports as a ROM.