Lite-On DVDRW SHW-160P6s Not Reading Anything

I just got this dvd drive last week. I had heard in the past that lite-on was good but…After installing quake 4 I went to install Star Wars:Empire at war. and well it said I didn’t have a disc in the drive I went through every type of disc I could find blank dvd-r/w dvd+r/w, factory dvd’s, cd-r/w, factory cd’s nothing would be recognized in the drive I searched the fourms here and downloaded the PV96 Firmware and it didn’t change a thing it’s still jacked. if anyone can help me out I would appricate it

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It’s the only dvd burner you have?
It sounds like a faulty drive. May happen. :frowning:
Which is your hardware configuration (also chipset information)? Aspi drivers are installed?

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please grab a bootable CD (Windows-CD, Knoppix, Kanotix or similar) and see, if you can boot up your system with that.

As you wrote “After installing Quake 4”, I suspect, that some copy protection crap rendered your drive useless with that Windows installation. Please check, if these games install some copy protections. Also uninstall any virtual CD/DVD drives if there are some on your system.
Side note: If you can’t read any disc, firmware updates never solve such problems. Also you installed an experimental test firmware.


Hey just a small update. No boot cd will work, tried knoppix, suse, windows, and gentoo to no avail. I didn’t have any virtual drives instaled. and is there anyway for me to revert back to the old firmware?

Then the drive is faulty.

and is there anyway for me to revert back to the old firmware?
There are patched stock firmwares in the firmware thread allowing you to return from test firmware to stock version.


but even if you return the drive to a “stock” version and if it still doesn’t read any CD or DVD, then the drive is dead and should be replaced.