Lite-on Dvdrw Shm-165h6s

Hi i’m very new to updating the firmware i’m not sure on what firmware driver i need can someone please post a link to the lasted update i can use. I went to the homepage of LITE-ON and downloaded the firmware update and it flash my drive to a “DVD-RAM Drive” and every since then iv been having problems burning dvd’s. thanks

The 165H6S is a DVD-RAM capable drive, that can’t be the problem. HS0E is the latest firmware for this drive. You can find older versions at

What about modded firmware for this drive. Where could I find some?

Have a look around the Codeguys site for some modded firmware for your drive :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, this thread too: LiteOn 5S and 6S - 16x OverSpeed - Read speed unlock :wink: