Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P fails to read DVD's!

Greetings all!

Sorry to spring this problem on the community here but I am currently at a loss, I’m not the hottest on this subject so please bear with me while I try to explain…

Recently I bought a new Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P for my aging PC:

Intel P4, 1.80 ghz,
Abit BE7-Raid mobo with Phoenix Award bios,
Win XP Home Edition, version 2002, SP2,
1 GB DDR2 ram,
Internal 320 gig Ultra ATA 133 Hardrive, (IDE 1, not raid)
Nvidia GeForce4 TI 4200 64 MB AGP GPU,
Realtek AC97 onboard sound.
DX 9.0C.

Nero 8 Ultimate suite installed,
Windows Media Player 11, (reports there are no plug-in’s installed), Intervideo WINDVD installed (WMP 11 recommendation).

Bios reports the correct drive details (name) on bootup,

Nero Infotool reports most DVD media is supported (checked) as well as CD media, no lightscribe software installed.
(will provide screenshots if requested, trying to keep this post short :doh:

The Lite-On DVDRW is set to region code 2, connected to IDE 2 and set as master, (no other optical drives), current transfer mode = UDMA mode 4. firmware KLON, However there is no audio cable connected to the mobo or drive.

Firstly the drive refuses to read any DVD media including region 2 films, DVD ROM media such as: Office 2007 ultimate suite, vista ultimate DVD-(obviously i won’t be installing this anyway due to old GPU etc.)

All CD media is fine, it will read and write.

Nero reports there is no media in the drive whenever a dvd is inserted.

The drive LED is constant (as normal) for a few seconds then blinks 3-4-5 times before going off, there is no spinup from the drive with dvd’s.

There was no cd packaged with the drive, but as I understand it you don’t need a driver?
However, Device Manager reports Microsoft drivers are installed dated 2001!, also, whenever a dvd is inserted and I manually open a window to view contents it say’s ‘DVDRW etc’ but directly underneath say’s ‘CDROM’
It would seem on closer inspection that the Microsoft driver is for a CDROM and not a DVDRW/combo drive. is this normal with combo drives?

Things I have done:
Flash the firmware (current)
Update drivers using Windows update.
update drivers from manufacturer websites.
clean install winxp sp2…

And here I am hoping someone smarter than me (not hard) can offer any guidance, any imput would be appreciated.


Double check your jumper setting on the back of the drive - to be absolutely sure that it is set to “Master” and the drive is physically located at the end of the 80 wire/40 pin cable (double check cable too to be sure that it is 80 wire!!)-eh!!

Thanks Bigmike!

I double checked and can confirm that the correct 80pin IDE cable is installed and jumper set to master, I even set it to cable select to see if it would make a difference… but alas still no DVD joy.

Win XP displays the correct drive info it would seem…

right-click > explore > no files (retail dvd films+DVD-ROM software).

Tried the lower filter removal trick with the registry, no luck. (only had lower filter key, no upper!).

AnyDVD software reports empty drive when DVD in drive,
Nero reports same…

All drivers currently up to date (according to windows update).

My issue has been resolved, the drive must have been faulty…

I bought a usb 2.0 external 20a1p and it works like a dream…

dumping the old one!


That was going to be my next suggestion - trying the drive in another computer - hope that y’all can RMA the faulty one-eh!!

Additionally do the proceedure I outlined here: