Lite-On DVDRW LDW-851S not working. Says no Disk

I have had the LDW 851S for just abotu 4 weeks. It was working fine. I had made a few DVD’s and then used it for a few days as a third cd burner because I had a lot of CD’s to burn. It was working fine one day and when I came back from lunch, every time I place a CD or DVD in the drive, the green light flashes constantly for about 30 seconds and you can hear the drive whine a bit and then the blinking stops. When I try to access the CD or DVD in the drive, windows tells me to please insert a disk into the drive. What could be going on? My device manager shows it as working okay. Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem before? Is my drive dead?
Thanks in advance for any and all help!


1/ It was working before lunch, right?
2/ You’ve tried rebooting, right?

If these 2 assumptions are correct, then based on what you describe, I think your drive prematurely kicked the bucket for sone reason or the other. A pretty strange and unusual case… RMA the drive for a replacement, I guess. You might even get lucky and get a 812S as the replacement. :wink:

So you think that is the only option? That it has died?

It seems to be to be the most logical explanation. Things don’t just stop working all of a sudden without something being done. I should add a 3rd assumption: that you’re using discs that used to read just fine. Also, what you just described–the drive being unable to read discs and just spinning without success–sound awfully like a physical malfunction with the drive itself (or a problem with the disc, but I assume you’ve tried good discs that have been known to work)… it’s the kind of problem that doesn’t result from a system setup problem or a firmware problem, etc.

i think i would exhaust the chances of it working first before i rma’d it.

first i would shut it down and reseat all cables. squirrel posted a while ago that he fixed his by shaking it so maybe take it out and give it a shake.

next i would try booting to bootable cds to see if it is able to read outside of windows.

then i would try it in a different system… a friends if you don’t have another
these drives are pretty tough. i have burned a huge amount of cds and dvds in the last 5 yrs and have not killed any of my liteons all the way back to my 12101b

I know this sounds silly… but you might consider pulling the drive out and giving it a good shake. Their could be some dirt/dust on the lense, or something could be out of alignment.

I have seen that work before. :slight_smile: Just a thought, if you have given up on anything else.