Lite on DVDRW LDW-451S?

Could some please tell me if this is a good one for burning games. Also what is DLA and do I need to check it? I keep getting a message that Sonic has an update for me but when I click on it to download it some kind of error occurs and it never happens.
Also I have Nero6 and it has put two image drives on this PC.
I could go buy the XCopy game burning CD but then I wouldn’t learn how to do my own. SO far I haven’t had any luck using the burner or the Pioneer 105 (updated firmware from 104
However although it only burns DVD-, it really is quite a nice burner for making back-up copies of my DVDs. I also have a Pioneer CRW 522A
but I think it’s outdated for games. The Lite on burns both + and -.
I know I’ve asked a lot of questions but I really want to learn.
Thank You,

lite ons are really super for doing copy protections, so don’t really compare to the pioneer. Of course, it depends on the particular game and the particular protection it has, but liteons can tackle most of them. Ssseth has said in the past tho that there was a particular game that his 811 couldn’t do but his cd burner could

All LiteOn drives perform superbly when it comes to game backup.

I have a 451S… it’s a good drive with a lot of potential. :wink: