Lite On DVDRW LDW-411s

I am trying to back Quicken up to my DVD drive. For whatever reason, I am given the message that Quicken can not write to (in this case) drive d:
I was advised to configure the DVD drive so that Quicken would recognize it as a hard drive (so to speak)
If anyone can advise me on how to configure the DVD drive in this manner I would greatly appreciate it.

You need a program such as InCD so you can format the disc in a manner that allows it to be mounted just like a hard drive. The software (InCD) will need to be running to allow you to do a back up to the disc.

Is that a free program on the internet?

No it comes with Nero, you can download a demo from their website and if it does what you want you can pay for it later.

Cool. Thanks for the help.

perhaps there is some dust on the lens
after a year in storage try clean the lens

try to burn a DVD , firmware update ,place the drive in a other PC