Lite on DVDRW 411S will not flash

Hey all. I got a DVD burner from a friend and its brand new.

I was talking to him and he told me its best to flash to the lastest firmware. So i went and got the firmware from

I got the correct one, im sure of it, but for some reason when i try it it tells me there is no drive found that matches this firmware. I can see it in Device manager and it comes up as LDW-411S. I know I downloaded the right one it says it in plain english .

It says

No matched drive detected !
This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-411S

Detected Drives

When i remove all my optical drives, set it to master on the secondary channel i get the same message, but minus the bottem

No matched drive detected !
This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-411S

Detected Drives

Any reason this is not working? I have verified the model number in device manager and on the label of the drive itself.

Someone please help a noob out…thanks in advance.

Have a read through the LiteOn tools guide in my signature :iagree:
There are some other interesting tools/mods as well :bigsmile:

Thanks lots of nice tools there.

Im going to try it out and see how it goes, if its not broke then dont fix it hehe…

What type of DVDR’s are you using mainly and what are the differences between DVD-R and DVD+R?

Hmm i even tried to remove my DVD player and put my 411S on the secondary Primary channel…still wont flash…

Ive disabled everything including my 2nd HD and still no good.

If you have any “virtual drives” installed then get rid of them either through options in the application that is associated with them (Daemon Tools, Alchohol 120% etc) or uninstall any burning applications you may have if you aren’t sure (you can reinstall them later).

I removed Clone CD and no virtual drives on my system.

Does it have to be the secondary master to do it?

Im using Nero and Xcopy right now…should i remove that? I know that Nero has that Virtual drive…but its not enabled.

Any big difference in the new flash? Is it required or something?

hi. I just fought through a similar looking problem.

have a look at

I dont know if it will fix things for you but might shed a little bit of light.

I finally got it…thanks angra…i uninstalled my Nforce IDE drivers and installed the Microsuck ones and it flashed no problems.

Now im considering flashing to the 811 =)

Glad you could find your answer! :bigsmile:

Proud owner of a 411S@811S

Im still trying to get the balls up to flash to a 811…is there anything to tell me if it will work for sure or not?

Im kinda scared to do it myself. I dont want to mess anything up. Also…Im only using DVD-R and from what I understand there are not any 8x DVD-R out yet…just DVD+R’s. Correct me if im wrong here.

Also im going to send a letter to Nvidia about this problem…something they should know about.

Well if you read my guide you have seen the warning. There is probably a 0.5% chance for hurting anything if you take the time to carefully read and know what you are doing. There are detailed step by step instuctions and a even a thread to ask questions as well. The mod has been out for quite a long time and has been used on hundreds if not thousands of drives.

It is your choice on that very slim chance though :smiley:

The only way you will benifit from this is if you burning DVD+R’s though right?

I havent seen any 8x DVD-R discs anywhere…

If you don’t care about 8x +R then don’t worry about it I suppose. Myself I’m still burning 4x -R atm (only because I’m not done my spindle) on my “811S”. I’m just one of those enthusiasts that enjoys that kind of thing. I’ve loved LiteOn drives for awhile for the very same reasons I’ve made the LiteOn guide.
I will be buying +R so I can burn at 8x once I’m done these -R’s though. With the bit setting tool they are every bit as compatible as -R. Plus if you get the good kinds (I recommend Taiyo Yuden ie TY above ALL else, then MCC, Maxell, Ritek and CMC in that order) the 811S for the most part writes to +R better then -R.