Lite-On DVD-Writing quality heading in the right direction!

Seems like Lite-On do start to improve!

Playing with a pretty fresh (dated April 12th) 1693 firmware on my 1673S - noticeable improvements I have to say.

TYG03 @ 16x. Write time: 6:10 Unfortunately the discs I have came in a very damaged package (Thanks To Miflop Media in Spain for sending it my way) and thus many discs have dust particles or minor scratches. So the PIE sikes and PIF spikes at the end is due to disc defects…

MCC03RG20 @ 16x, Write time: 6:10.

ok, not the best results. but for stock 1st firmware it’s great!

you are not allowed to release the firmware, right?

It’s not stock fw - it’s a beta firmware still under developing. Not releasable.

oh, i meant it’s not modified, like stratswap or something…

That’s excellent. Thanks for showing us those results and confirming 1673S@1693S ;).

Great to hear. Thanks.

thats a good result Lol…i mean good for LiteOn to focus on Quality of the burn

mm i do think the Next Gen LiteOn 16x buner will be the king of the Hill…but its take “Time”…oh well time is what LiteOn pain…keke

I am not that impressed by these scans…

I am already impressed since CSTJ. The boys and girls from Lite-on made a big step for mankind with that firmware. And look at the 16 x results we are getting with overclocking media (TY02@TY03) with our ‘old 1633 and 1653’.

And you know what, the best has still to come…

The codeking quality patch for our x3’s!