Lite-On dvd writers, unreliable cd scanners, but how unreliable?

I have read that the lite-on dvd writers are unreliable as cd error scanners but how unreliable are they ?? is it worth me getting a lite-on SOHR 5238S just for the purpose of a cd scanner ?? i dont mind speeding the money.

I have a lite-on SHW 16H5S at the moment which i use for dvd scanning and cd burning.

Seeing is believing, so here are some scans of exactly the same CD.

[li]Disc Quality scan performed with LiteOn SHW-1635S DVD burner.[/li][li]Disc Quality scan performed with BenQ DW1655 drive.[/li][li]Disc Quality scan performed with NEC ND-4551A drive.[/li][li]PxScan performed with Plextor PX-712 drive.[/li][/ol]Now you tell me, how much you would trust LiteOn DVD burners for CD quality scanning! :wink:


Dragemester had exactly the same idea as me :slight_smile:
Drives used here:
Liteon SOHR-5239V (CD/RW drive) @Promise IDE
Sony DW-G120A (same as Liteon 165P6S) @USB
Benq DW 1650 @ VIA IDE
(I can also provide scans taken with Samsung SHW-163A)

Disc #1 - degraded Tevion branded Prodisc
Interestingly, the Sony does not increase read speed beyond 8x with that disc

Disc #2 (Platinum branded CMC MAG, written a few days ago)
Strange behaviour by Sony :confused:

Disc #3 (TY, branded as Verbatim Pastell, written a few days ago)
My first 100% scan :bigsmile:

So, what drive do you want to trust? It seems, as if the Liteon CD/RW delivers similar results as the Benq.
But from you sig I see, that you own a Plex - can you use that drive together with Plextools?


From Jedi Master Yoda’s signature, it appears that he has a PlexWriter 24/10/40A CD-RW drive.

That drive is a generation younger than my PlexWriter 16/10/40A which cannot perform C1/C2 scans in PlexTools, but I’m guessing that C1/C2 scanning is only supported on much newer drives, such as the PX-7xx and Plextor Premium series.

Na tried the plexwriter 24/10/40 but it does’nt do the scanning tryed with cd/dvd speed some time back. Was hopeing to see the plex primium 2 come out here in the uk but that could be some time, so i was thinking of grabing a Lite-On SOHR 5238S cd writer for error scanning which looks like thats what i might do as i have some old cd-rs i want to check and ether using it or my 16H5S for cd burning.

From those scans seems a lite-on cdwriter does well, from drages scans i can see that a lite-on dvd writer is way off.