Lite On DVD Writer and other hardware

I have been wondering if Lite On will be making a DVD Writer anytime soon? And what sort of speeed it will be coming out at? Am also wondering if anyone has tryed any of the Lite On MB or other hardware at all

Lite on is supposed to be shipping their DVD burner this month if I recall correctly it is going ot be 4X.

I thought it was May…

4x ±R(W)
2.4x +RW, 2x -RW

Watch the newsitem on our beautiful frontpage :slight_smile:

I can’t wait until the LiteON DVD recorder hits te market. Let’s hope it is as good as the CDRW drives are!

Normally I do watch the News page but it seems I must of missed that little one :o . I have to think that they would be as good as there CD Writers. I cant see any reason why they wouldn’t be. And the next question is what format will they be making then for? And it seems that noone has tryed any of there other pc goods yet

Oppps :o It looks like I didn’t read it again… as it says it will do both + and -