Lite-On DVD SOHW 1693S Problem

Hi - I just upgraded from Win2000 to WinXP. This change has resulted in my Lite-On 1693s operating really poorly. It has trouble reading data cds (it takes a year for them to load in Explorer, and the listed files will not execute).It will not read a commercial DVD at all (says disk is unsupported format). It will however burn files using cd burning software. The system has three drives - the hd is on its own bus, while the Lite-On is the master on the second ide with a Toshiba DVDROM as a slave on the same ide. Anybody have any suggestions? The lite-on is running in udma-4 mode.


Hi :slight_smile:

Did you upgrade (as in, over the top of Win 2k), or do a clean install of XP? I know you said you upgraded, but I wasn’t sure.

Have you tried it alone on the Secondary IDE?

Only things I can think of right now! :doh:

It was a clean install. i will try it by itself on the secondary ide.


I hate windows upgrades…thankfully, I’ve never done it, but it sure seems to cause a lot of heartache for folks. (I Apologize for the rant). I would uninstall the Litey, from the device manager - both off the DVD/CD ROM drives and the secondary IDE, physically unplug the Litey, reboot, shut down, replug the Litey and let windows reinstall. You may want to try it without hasselling with the unplug/plug deal, but…

It works a bit without the Toshiba, but still reads poorly or not at all. It sort of works with power dvd but not always. Is it time to trash it? What does KC4B refer to?

Check DMA settings.

Oops, sorry…got called away to fight with my wife…that’s always such a good time… :rolleyes::eek:

KC4B is Codeguys’ quality-patched firmware. :slight_smile:

Try the advice given by the posters above :)…don’t trash the drive just yet, I’m suspecting an OS/software/DMA issue (that’s if it was working “properly” under Win 2k).

This is not a “firmware problem” Arachne.

mhhack, make sure you also installed a DVD playback software like WinDVD and propper burning software.
Disable WinXP default IMAPI burning engine. :slight_smile:

…The lite-on is running in udma-4 mode.

I didn’t say it was. I answered the question “what does KC4B refer to?”. Since I didn’t once mention KC4B, or firmware in general, the OP must have read my sig.

Thanks for all your input. I think i’m just going to reinstall win2000 - everything worked.
I might add that Windows is so archane that my next will be a mac. My son gave me an old G4 and i’m running Tiger on it - it hasn’t crashed once, the hardware and software all work as advertised - what else can one say? Windows is a toss-up - it seems ythat one can tweak from now until the end of time, and still not have a working system!

Migrating w2k -> xp is really not the best idea. I tried it a few times and always got issues afterwards. xp is just a mess, drOWned in colours… :rolleyes:

I prefer w2k3. :wink:

I like them both…I’ve gotten used to XP (and all those colours!), but I really like Win2k too. :slight_smile:

Hello all:
Well, guess what? As a last resort I went into device manager and set the mode for the lite-on to pio. Result?
The lite-on now reads data disks, reads commercial DVDs, and burns cds - i haven’t tried DVDs yet but I bet it works.
Does anyone really understand all this?

SiSoftSandra says that the secondary ide for the lite-on is running udma-4, while winxp reports it as pio. Another win miracle?

No I don’t think anybody understands and ever will understand Windows!!! :slight_smile: It’s only function and purpose in life is to drive people crazy and insane! Your 1693S should be working better and faster in udma mode and not in pio. But with Windows that’s normal nothing works as they should. :slight_smile:

No its only a sign from the God’s !! You should be using a Mac before it’s to late.

Check out Womble’s illustrated tutorial on DMA settings (as chef and maineman already suggested). Unless you’ve tried this first, you can not really tell that it doesn’t work.

Maybe I spoke too fast. While the Lite-on works in pio mode, it does some strange things when reading. I made two DVDs of images for backup before I upgraded to XP. Now the Lite-On reads and transfers both DVDs to new folders, but one of the DVDs files cannot be read by Photoshop, while the other DVDs transferred files can! I made the backups one after the other, one the same media.

The other drive, a Toshiba DVDRom, reads both DVD backups, and files transferred from the Toshiba are all read by Photoshop!

I’m getting weary trying to figure all this out. A couple of more hours and I’m going back to Win2000, where everything worked.

That DVD probably wasn’t a good burn to start with. You’ll have to learn how to scan your burns before you can trust them. Some drives can read some bad discs better than others, this is nothing unusual.

I wouln’t ditch XP yet, unless you’ve checked all the advice received above to the letter, i.e. uninstall the IDE-channel for your burner.

Also follow pinto2’s tip and de-activate the IMAPI CD-burning service in Computer Management before installing your favourite burning app. One of the first things I do after an install.

What are you doing with your motherboard’s chipset drivers?

Thanks everyone! To bring this to some kind of closure here is what I finally did:

  1. Uninstalled My burning software.
  2. Disabled imapi cd-burning service.
  3. Didabled cd burning for Lite-On from Explorer (right-click drive - go to recording tab).
  4. Set Lite-on to PIO.
  5. Reinstalled burning software (Ashampoo).

Finally the Lite-On acts like it should - I’d like it faster though.

Try this: