Lite-on DVD+RW SOHW 802S

I am a virgin computer user so please help me…I went to back up a dvd…i can put it onto the computer but i can not put onto a blank dvd…my computer say that i have Lite-on DVD+RW SOHW 802S…please help me…does this write the movie from the hard drive to a blank dvd…thanx for your time :confused:

You say you have the dvd on the hard drive now, correct? Most commercially made dvds are too large to put onto a single layer recordable dvd. They have to be compressed slightly to fit.

A good program to start with is DVDShrink. It is free to use. You can download it from You should read the guides at that site on how to use it.

You’ll also need a program that is capable of burning dvd video. Nero can do this, but I usually recommend a free program called ImgBurn. You can download it from and you should read the guides on their forums as well. Their site does seem to be down at the moment, hope that is just a temporary problem.

And use good media, like Verbatim 16x disks or Taiyo Yuden disks (TY is found at online shops mostly, like or Newegg). Don’t burn at top speed either—cut it back to 8x or 12x even with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.