Lite-on Dvd+rw Sohw-802s




I have a LITE-ON DVD+RW SOHW-802S DVD burner and i just bougt a pack of DVD-R. The only problem is that my burner is not compatible with DVD-R but only with DVD+R. I don’t know really much about Firmware and how those it work.

Can someone help me ? It’s possible to be able to burn some -R with a +R only ?

It’s possible to come back to the old setup after ? Is that a program to install or something ?



@ Djeepy46234
Welcome:). The FAQs can answer or supply links to answers and all the tools you need for the cross-flash to an 832 :). I believe that will make your drive -R capable. I also did a forum search for ‘802’ and found this…“to ‘search’ is divine”…
Let us know how it goes.


My question is not there. I want to know if it’s possible to come back to the start point after. With my router, it’s possible but i dont know if its possible with a burner.

It’s dangerous ? I can have some problem after ?


I just looked at the page and i dont know wich one to take. My 802S is not there… I guess i need the 832S but theres all this :

• VS01/VS03/VS05 - stock - unscrambled (old) (dhc014)
• VS04/VS08/VS0A/VS0B/VS0E - stock - unscrambled (old)
• VS0G - stock - unscrambled
• VS0G - patched - crossflashing (for 451S, 851S, 812S, etc.)
• CG2B/CG3B/CG3E/CG4E/CG5E - patched - improved +R burn quality (old)
• CG5G - patched - improved burn quality (for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S, Sony 700A, etc.)

Wich one ?

And i try to open one with OmniPatcher. Can i check every things ?


I just installed 832S.VS0E.patched-cf.exe and when i go in discinfo, im still at the old firmware…

Please help, im so scared to do a bad manip and ****** all my material…


@ Djeepy46234
Did you reboot your computer after flashing with the new firmware?

I would recommend going with CG5G firmware, with ‘apply recommended media tweaks’, ‘Increase read speed’, ‘enable auto-bitsetting’, and ‘fix dead drive/crossflashing’ checked in OmniPatcher. If any of these are unavailable, just ignore it. save the new firmware(as an ‘.exe’) then run the .exe. After flashing and rebooting, you will want to get the EEPROM utility and run the ‘reset learnt media’ and reboot again. You should also back-up your eeprom if you haven’t already per instructions.


Thanks, it’s now perfectly working :slight_smile: