Hi im using a Lite-on dvd+rw burner as mentionned in the title, and I cant burn CDs. I bought a hp media center pc that comes with this drive. I have made recovery disks with it too. I havent burned anything except the recovery disks. My drive couldnt burn dvd-r too before i flashed it with a firmware(now i can). But I would like to know why my drive cant burn CDs, it can read other types of media.

can it read cds? if not, i guess the laser is dead, you might need a new drive.

yea it can read all other types of media, it can read blank cds and dvds but cant write cds

everytime i try to burn, it says that theres an error, try to clean the disc and etc.

is there a firmware that can let my drive burn CDs?

someone pls respond