Lite-on DVD-RW SOHW-1633S Problem

Hi folks

Seeking some advice please! I have a Lite-on DVD-RW SOHW-1633S. It’s reading cd’s / dvd’s etc. fine, but I can’t burn anything onto a blank CD. Windows Media player isn’t recognising I have a blank CD in, and if I go through My Computer with a blank disc in, it says the drive is not accessible, incorrect function. I have tried different types of CD but still no joy.

I’m no computer scientist so would appreciate any replies in very basic terms please :slight_smile:


try ImgBurn ( , set it to MODE > BUILD then in OPTIONS change ‘file system’ to ‘ISO9660 + Joliet + UDF’ if your burning basic DATA discs) to burn your blank cd’s.

if your trying to burn AUDIO CD’s i recommend the FREE application called “Burrrn” (google it)

if those dont work… you probably got some sorta conflict on your PC or your burner could be dead.

my drive is similar to yours (Lite-On 1673S)

p.s. the built in windows burning application is a joke… never use them.

i have the same exact problem.the writer worked properly several months ago.i have written audio,dvd, and data no problem in the past.i purchased different brand of blank media still the same there a setting other than the write enable setting that could be causing the problem?