Lite-On DVD+RW LDW-401S

I have this model DVD Burner. I had d/l DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink, to back up my original DVD Movie.

After burning using these 2 s/w, I am able to run the movie on this drive but when I try to run on my TV’s DVD Player, it will not run. Is it because the burner is +RW, whilst the player is -R. Can I modify my burner to burn ±R?

@ rmt6668
Welcome:). You may have a booktype problem. It may be easily correctable. You can read about it in the FAQs. Let us know if this helps.

The crossflash is 401S to 411S or 811S by EEPROm fixing - note that the DVD-R calibration will be an average, and can not be expected to be optimal.

Another option would be to bitset the +R media to DVD-ROM booktype - may be possible with the aid of Omnipatcher on 401S firmware, if not already possible with unpatched firmware and Liteon’s Booktype utility, otherwise it should definitely be possible in the 411S or 811S crossflash.

I am unable to run this files after I have d/l it. It ask what s/w I wish to use to run these d/l file application. Hence I am stuck. Can some 1 pls help me to resolve pls. I tried d/l booktype or Omnipatcher?