Lite-On DvD+RW is not reading DvD discs of any type!

Hello there, recently my Lite-On DVD+RW SOHW-802S drive that came with my computer is not reading any type of DVD disc. I’ve tried games like The Sims 2, burning movies, etc. However it can apparently run and read CD’s just fine.

For instance when DVD games are put in, the green light will be on for about 15 seconds and you can hear it spinning; then it will stop and the green light will blink three times continuously.

I’m trying to burn some movies at the moment and when you try to ‘burn’ the material it says “Please insert a disc”.

I’ve tried switching its port with the other CD drive and that didn’t seem to help. In properties it says the drive is working properly and I’ve deleted it’s drivers and reinstalled as well as ‘Roll Back driver’. I’ve tried going through the Troubleshoot feature that Windows offers. No luck there.

Please help me quickly.

Sounds like the DVD laser has failed. Time for a new drive.

That is a older drive it maybe time to move on with a new one.