Has anyone heard any news if lite-on will be releasing a dvd-rw or dvd+rw soon? They are the only company i trust for burning, and I wanna get a dvd+/-rw. Any news would be appreciated.

I sure hope so. I have a LiteON DVD-ROM and a LiteON CD-RW in my computer at the moment, and would have one of thier DVD burners in a heartbeat. I think it will be soon though… They’ve been awful quiet for a while. I have a feeling that they are going to have some feature that will put everyone else to shame. :cool:

While it may happen soon, remember that Lite-On doesn’t exactly make DVD drives anymore… The drives are now considered JLMS and as such may have Lite-On’s performance but I doubt they’ll be as affordable. As for me, I’ll wait until DVD recorders are $99 before I get one. Hopefully that"ll be by Xmas 2003.

$99 and 8x burner speed which means you can burn a 4.7 gig dvd-r in 8 minutes :smiley:

I would like a 16X DVD burner… 8 minutes is a long time… :slight_smile:

And then I’ll get a TV tuner card so I can use my computer like Tivo and save the good shows (minus commercials) on DVDs that I can watch on any player. And free up more HD space for more shows.

I just saw at old news) that 8x dvd writing should sample by end of the year and be in mass production Q2 2003…seems like a long time…wish that was happening faster…