Lite-On DVD+/-RW drive reads DVDs and CDs but cannot write anything!



I have a Lite-On LH-18A1P SCSI, black OEM. I have genuine WinXP SP2 with all patches updated. Under Device Manager, the drive is working fine, apparently, and when I insert DVDs (movies, programs, anything), the drive reads them just fine. I haven’t tried Audio CDs, but I assume they work fine as well.

The problem is that none of my CD burning programs will recognize the drive. I tried burning through iTunes, Win Media Player, the XP Win Explorer, etc. The programs can’t even see the drive (“No device detected”) and so when I put blank CDs in the drive, nothing is read and nothing shows up. I can’t burn anything! What gives?

Any help, or what I should try doing? Much appreciated!


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Try using ImgBurn to see if the drive is detected as a recorder, and if it will recognize blank media.