Lite-on DVD ROM SOHD-167T problem,pls help

Im newbie to these things.pls don flame me. I just bought a liteon dvd rom sohd-167t.the problem is it cant read any DVD 9 movies.I had tried 3 differents dvd 9 movie but still the same.But it can play the single layer dvd movie.i had check with the neroinfo said can support dvd dual layer even the one whos sellin me this dvd rom had tried at his own city,can play the dvd 9 without any problem,he said.any ideas wads goin on?? :sad:

It said windows cannot read from this disk.the disk might be corrupted,or it couldbe using a format tat is not compatible with windows.why??

pls help me.thank you.

Hm, no real sense why it shouldn’t work…

Which software do you use for playing back DVD9 and are they on pressed DVD???

im using wmp 10 and powerdvd said unsupported format.wads pressed dvd 9??i`m playin ‘P’ dvd there something wrong with my computer or the drive itself or something else??

Pressed DVD are DVDs you can buy in a store.

What’s the firmware on the drive actually?

i bought it from store but it`s pirated dvd 9.

i had flashed it to the newest firmware (9S1B).
izzit dvd+r dl = dvd 9??


Ok, the ‘pirated’ DVD-9’s would be DVD+R/DL. I’m amazed they’re doing this now, since the media is nearly as expensive as they would sell it to you for. Oh, well. The issue may be that the media was burned very poorly. Or it could be that your DVD drive just needs a new firmware. The latest firmware for the 167T is, according to Codeguys ( for reference):

9S1B, which is what you’re using.

Try a NOT pirated DVD. We don’t condone piracy here anyway. Try a REAL PRESSED DVD. If it works, then you have simply purchased a disc that’s not compatible with this drive.

Some pirated DVDs are very poorly made. I saw a pressed DVD the other day (pirated) that had a book type of DVD-R, which confused the heck out of a number of drives. Pressed pirated discs are generally pretty poor in quality and made by people who haven’t the faintest idea of what they’re doing.

That’s the thing I expected…

so,it could b the pirated dvd 9 fault,hmmm,im buzy these days,doesnt got time to go town buy originaldvd 9,so wad if i still cant play the original dvd 9,tat means my dvd rom 100% got problem izzit???

btw,i got saw other ppl post same problem with me,but i think still havent got any solution yet,for those who own this DVD ROM,pls tell me whether it can play dvd 9 or not.TQ